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What is Sports Therapy?

Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability.


How can it benefit you?

With similarities to Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy can help with many aspects of human movement and performance; benefiting both sports enthusiasts and those who are suffering from aches and pains associated with day-to-day life.


Sports Therapy can help you to prevent injury, recover from injury, help you achieve your physical goals and even help prepare for sporting endeavor.


"I heard about John through word of mouth and with my busy schedule he worked around me which was fantastic. Leading up to the London marathon I was getting a lot of training in, and having John there to keep my muscles on top form with regular sports massage, was amazing. Flexible, reliable and very clued-up. Cheers John!" Kate Farrance



"I have been getting therapy from John for over 2 years now. Having a manual job and also training in the gym, he keeps me in check! Prevention is always better than cure. Highly recommended!" Ossian Kenny



"Having met John through injuring myself, I found him to be extremely knowledgable. I had been suffering very badly from shoulder pain and seen various Physios who offered exercise, but no solution to ease the pain. John however came up with an immediate solution to give support that eased the pain whilst I await an MRI scan. I cannot thank John enough for his caring attitude and for making such a huge difference to my rehabilitation. I found John to be very professional and would be more than happy to recommend his services." Sharon Hamill



"After having painful hips whilst running, I went to John with my problem and he was extremely helpful and knowledgable. After my treatment he gave me a number of exercises to complete and ever since my visit I've not had any issue since. Thanks John! Highly recommended." Lexy Hutton


"I have been getting treatment from John for over 3 years. It started as a help to recover from cancer treatment as a way of improving mobility and aiding recovery as I started to train again. As I progressed with my training, John's treatment changed to enhance exercise recovery and improve my range of movement and performance.He helped me with massage, mobility and flexibility. I am sure that John has helped me not only with enhanced recovery, but is now an integral part of my current training programme. I could not recommend him enough to anyone, from someone who needs help with recovery, all the way through to athletes wanting to improve in their field." Zac Bradley



"I went to John with my various issues as I already knew him through our local canoe polo club. I was aware of John's experience and felt like he'd be the guy to help me with my problematic and painful throwing arm. Sure enough, in our first session John listened to what I had to say, did the tests and diagnosed my injury, all whilst educating me regarding what had caused my issue, how this affects my arm, and what I can do to treat it. Essentially he gave me everything i needed to fix it myself. Who would have known that knotting in my shoulder could give such pain in my elbow? For me, the best thing was that John educated me, showed me trigger point therapy and exercises to keep on top of my injury. Since then any little niggles I pick up can more often than not be solved through what John taught me!" Jack Dunn



"I contacted John to get help for my sore back, shoulder and leg muscles. John fitted me into his busy schedule and saw me at short notice. He did an amazing job of making me feel much more mobile and comfortable. Thanks John. Great job and professional as always." Alix Sol

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